Thinking About Downsizing?

So real estate prices are the highest they’ve been in last 10 years and now you are thinking what next?

Lifestyle changes are one of the main reasons homeowners decide to sell or move.  With recent tax law changes affecting property tax deduction, limitations many owners are considering if now is a good time to look at their options considering it’s a seller’s market and like all markets- who knows how long it will last. Does it make sense to maintain a 4 bedroom home with the family only visiting on the holidays? Or would the family enjoy a coastal home they can come visit on holidays and you can enjoy every day or every weekend?


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What are the benefits of selling your home and downsizing?

  • Could use the equity from sale to purchase vacation home
  • Could use the equity to purchase an income property
  • Have less to clean and manage which of course relieves stress
  • Could use the earnings from sale to get out of debt
  • Could help pay for grandkids college tuition or any other worthy cause
  • Retirees have more doctor visits and cost, this equity would go a long way

So unless you want to try and catch the next real estate cycle in 10-12 years and considering most people spend their time in the kitchen, family room, and bedroom – you have to ask yourself “Do I need those extra bedrooms?”

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